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  • Our Mission and Philosophy

    This company was created to help students visualize Principles of Osteopathic Medicine or as our name says, PicturePOM. First and foremost, credit goes to God, for the vision of this company and the resources He has provided to make this company a reality. It is through the strength of Jesus Christ that all things are possible and all glory goes to Him. This desire and mission of this company is to make osteopathic medicine an easier and more enjoyable experience.

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  • An Ancient Strategy

    By incorporating a technique that dates back to early greek orators and that is utilized around the world by memory athletes, we are confident that your time will be well-spent studying with PicturePOM.
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    [Simonides] inferred that persons desiring to train this faculty [of memory] must select places and form mental images of the things they wish to remember and store those images in the places, so that the order of the places will preserve the order of the things, and the images of the things will denote the things themselves, and we shall employ the places and images respectively as a wax writing-tablet and the letters written on it. (Cicero, De Oratore, II, lxxxvi – translation: Sutton & Rackham, 1942).

    “Without a single exception, all the memory athletes told us they weren’t born prodigies, but they learned about these memory strategies, and only with these strategies can they perform at a high level,” says Martin Dresler from Radbound University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

    Visual and verbal learning has been found to be lateralized to opposite sides of the brain with visuospatial learning coded in the right medial temporal lobe and verbal learning coded in the left medial temporal lobe. Visualize and listen to osteopathic medicine through the lens of the Method of Loci with PicturePOM.

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  • Student-Focused Company

    My name is Stephanie Jones and I am a fourth year osteopathic medical student and NUFA at the Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine. I am the founder and owner of PicturePOM, LLC. I write the animations by applying the strategy of method of loci to treatments and osteopathic principles. Content is based on Foundations of Osteopathic Medicine, Atlas of Osteopathic Techniques (3rd Edition) by Nicholas & Nicholas and the Atlas of Common Counterstrain Tender Points by Snider and Glover. Animations are also reviewed for accuracy by a board certified osteopathic physician. I strive for PicturePOM to be a student-focused company and value your feedback.

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A picture is worth a thousand words.

Our Mission

To make osteopathic medicine an easier and more enjoyable experience. Demonstrated by cognitive psychologists, the ability to retain, recall and utilize knowledge to solve problems is dependent on how the information is structured. Method of loci provides a concrete structure for better utilization of memory.